75th Birthday Celebration of Mama Sofing: A Blessing from God

Mama Sofing Lotilla's 75th Birthday
Mama Sofing Lotilla’s 75th Birthday at La Fiesta Restaurant (Tito Jun, Tita Divine and children (David, Ronron and wife Rosie, Diana)  and grandchildren, my two sons Elrond and Aragorn, not in photo brother Jesse and my sister Crisadel, Matulin cousins (Kuya Boy and wife Sheila, Ate Thelma and husband Derick (not in photo daughters Tetel and Tyra), Ate Marife and husband Mon and children ( Kyle and Richelle) and Carmela and husband Archie and children  (Wayne and Alex) and son of Ate Mimi Romasanta, Miro.
Mama Sofing with her birthday cake
Mama Sofing with her birthday cake
Mama Sofing with daugther Mila and her husband Randy Manuba
Mama Sofing with daugther Mila and her husband Randy Manuba

I am glad to successful witnessed the 75th birthday celebration of Mama Sofing (popularly called by her nephews, nieces and family friends)  or Mrs. Sofia Esplana Lotilla.  The celebration was participated by family, relatives,  family friends, officemates, and other guests closed to the Lotilla family.

Mama Sofing  is my eldest aunt from my grandfather Mr. Simeon and grandmother Mrs. Salud Esplana.  Thank you for the invitation Ate Mila and Kuya Randy!

Our relatives, aunts and uncles who are present include Ate Pipin (Dr. Josephine Almonte), Ate Tita (Professor Cristita Mallari) and his son Jay,   Kuya Amboy or Ambrocio Real,  wife and daughters and Ate Vivian and Kuya Sid with their children Isa and Ann.

Mama Sofing’s cousins who are also present from the Real family include Kuya Jun Real, wife and daughter,  Ate Emalin,  Ate Procy,  husband Kuya Rod.

My uncles and aunts and their family who witnessed the celebration include Tito Jun and Ate Divine and their children (John David, Ronron and wife Rosie Ram and Riz his family, Diana).

Also present include Ate Thelma and husband Kuya Derick Oseña and their children (Cristhel and Tyra),  Ate Marife and husband Kuya Mon and their children (Kyle and Richelle),  Carmela and Archie Rolluqui and children (Wayne and Alex),  Kuya Boy and Ate Sheila Matulin,

The celebration was also attended by Kuya Magno,  Tara and Erwin Ricafort and the rest of some of Ate Mila’s best friends.

For Ate Mila’s friends who are present include:  Melissa and husband (Ramoncito Alfonso), Rachel with her husband (Carlos Rodenas), Sally, Beng, and college best friend of Ate Mila -Maricar Diaz – and her former officemates.

The important family members from the Lotilla side include Father Edison Lotilla  (a Chaplain of Philippine Airforce), Mama Sofing’s sister-in-law, Mrs. Villa Almajar and daughters.

The mother of Kuya Randy was also present, Mrs. Corazon Manuba, cousin Amie Mallari,  family friend Restie Madrona. There are other guests and family friends of Mama Sofing who are present but was not able to mentioned in this article. I would like to dedicate this article as my tribute for Mama Sofing’s birthday celebration, the eldest sister of my father, my Papa Eladio or Ely Esplana. We love you Mama Sofing!

I am thankful to God that He made this event a remarkable one, not only for Mama Sofing, but to everyone who were able to witness this birthday celebration.

God bless you Mama Sofing and your children (Milagros and Rafael) and may you have more celebration’s to come! God is good all the time!

Mama Sofing with Real and Almonte cousins
Mama Sofing with Real (Ate Tita and son Jay and Ate Pipin),   Vasquez (Ate Vivian and husband Sid and daughters Isa and Ann) and Almonte cousins (Kuya Amboy and wife, Kuya Jun, Ate Emalin and Ate Procy).
Lotilla and Manuba family and relatives
Lotilla and Manuba family and relatives
Tito Jun and Tita Divine and children and grandchildren
Tito Jun and Tita Divine and children and grandchildren
Ate Mila's friends with Mama Sofing
Ate Mila’s friends with Mama Sofing
Other relatives and friends
Other relatives and friends
Other relatives and friends
Other relatives and friends
Other relatives and friends
Other relatives and friends
Mama Sofing with Father
Mama Sofing with Father Edison Lotilla
Mama Sofing with cousins
Mama Sofing with cousins
Tito Jun, Tita Divine, Mama Sofing and Carmela
Tito Jun, Tita Divine, Mama Sofing and Carmela
Ate Mila's friends
Ate Mila’s friends (photo credits from FB of Beng Pondevida Bernardo)
Mama Sofing with Ate Mila's friends/classmates
Mama Sofing with Ate Mila’s friends/classmates (photo credits from FB of Beng Pondevida Bernardo)
Mama Sofing with Ate Emalin, relatives and friends
Mama Sofing with Ate Emalin, relatives and friends
Mama Sofing with sister Adel, Tito Jun and my two sons Elrond and Aragorn
Mama Sofing with sister Adel, Tito Jun and my two sons Elrond and Aragorn and not in photo brother Jesse
Note: Photo credits courtesy of Joey Lotilla, Elrond Esplana and Jesse Esplana

Boracay Island, energizing tourism activities in the Philippines tourism industry, best model: Series 1 of 2

Boracay Island, energizing tourism activities in the Philippines tourism industry, best model: Series  1 of 2

Playing Aragorn Enoch Esplana in Boracay Island
My son Aragorn Enoch Esplana, playing in the fine white sand of Boracay Island along the Station 2 beach front

By Elmer R. Esplana, Economist Blogger

When it comes to the white fine sand beaches in the Philippines, there is no other beach that can beat the Boracay Island.   Boracay is a tropical paradise.  It is 4 kilometers long powder white beach and crystal clear turquoise water which has been voted as one of the best beaches in the world.

In Boracay, there are all kinds of activities which you can do such as: island hopping, snorkeling, cliff diving, scuba diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, helmet diving, jet skiing , rubber fly-fishing, banana boating and speed boat riding, feasting and eating delicious seafoods in many of the hotels, resorts, restaurants and other available local food service establishments within the island and in the nearby island in Malay, Aklan.   There are also base camp activities which you can do like visiting the Agnaga Falls, Ocean Kayaking, Cave Tours, River Tours, River Trekking, Motag Living Museum Tour, Wild River Tubing,  Nagata Waterfall Trekking, etc. Some other activities which could also be done including thrill-seeking adventures,  helicopter tours,  luxury sailing,  land tours, horseback riding,  pub crawling, Boracay submarine under the water sea viewing,  shooting range,  eco-tour,  mermaid lesson and many more other things.  For those who would like an ultimate spa indulgences, there are packages such as: King and Queen Package, Patassa Spa Package, Romantic Mandala Spa Journey Package,  Roseidon Couples Package, Tirta Spa Package, to name some.

If eating is your major hobby,  you can eat and taste from the different restaurants available in the island, or in the hotels and resorts about Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Indian, American, Chinese, European, Italian, Greek cuisines and many other kinds of international cuisines which are being served by each food service establishment that you can visit or you want to eat.

During the night, particular activities would include night pool swimming,  night pub activities,  fire and cultural shows,  and eating-all-you-can night feasting in some hotels/resorts serving along the beach front of the Boracay Island,  particularly in Station 2.   Station 2 in Boracay Island is considered as the Central Business Station of Boracay Island.   It is also considered as the most popular station in the island where the so called D*Mall island boutique shops and food service establishments of varied kinds, and D*Talipapa seafoods market could be found.    You can even buy your souvenirs at the D*Mall.    You can also buy fresh seafoods from lobsters, shrimps, crabs (sometimes, they are still alive), and many kinds of fresh catch mussels, oysters, sea clams,  other shell fishes and varieties of small and big fishes that are available in the D*Talipapa market.   There are also restaurants within the D*Talipapa where you can just bring the seafoods  that you bought, then,  you can let them cook for you, the type of cuisine you want for them at a reasonable prices.  You can even take-out the food and bring them along with you in the hotel or resort where you are booked.   Expenses of doing this in D*Talipapa is cheaper as compared when you are going to order them in the hotel or resort that you are staying.

Depending on your choice,  you can use different transportation facilities  available from resort to the airport and vice versa which include,  standard transfer,  first class transfer,  private taxi and helicopter transfer.  Currently, the popular available airline companies which are flying  to  Caticlan, Aklan Airport include: Philippine Airlines, and Cebu Pacific Air while for Kalibo, Aklan include: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Etihad Airways and Malaysian Airlines.  There is also a daily jet servicing airline from Manila to Caticlan and vice versa through the Skyjet Airlines.

So, next time you plan for a vacation,  I encourage you to include Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan, as one of your bucket list priorities. One particularly development in Caticlan Airport at the current day is that, they would like to make it an international airport, similar to Kalibo Airport.  Caticlan was originally a cargo airport which was only used for  transporting food and non-food products  for Boracay Island.   Current construction is on-going, although, Caticlan Airport is already used as airport for passengers and tourists who are flying from Manila, then, to have a land and sea transfer from Caticlan Airport to Boracay Island and to the different hotel and resort accommodation servicing establishments.

We hope the construction of Caticlan Airport which is soon to be an international airport could be completed as within this year or next year.   Mabuhay to all Tourism Industry stakeholders in Boracay Island!  “Mabuhay ang bawat isang Filipino that we can travel to Boracay Island, as part of our tourism industry’s  champion tourist destination in promoting the beautiful island Philippines.”  Go for Vision 2050 Philippines!  Go Boracay!  It is really true that there are “More fun in the Philippines.”

Aragorn Enoch Snorkeling in Boracay Island
Aragorn Enoch Snorkeling in Boracay Island
My son Elrond Abram snorkeling in Boracay Island
My son Elrond Abram snorkeling in Boracay Island
Lobsters in Boracay D' Talipapa
Lobsters in Boracay D’ Talipapa
Walking along the fine while beach in Boracay Island
Walking along the fine while beach in Boracay Island

Reference: MyBoracayGuide.com Promotional Brochure

From Karosa to wheelers

From Karosa to wheelers

by Carl Ulysses Aguillon/DA-PRDP/RPCO-12

Two-hectare farmland used by Cesar Suoberon
Two-hectare rice field farmland used by farmer Cesar Suoberon in Barangay Poblacion, Norala, South Cotabato

KORONADAL CITY – For so long, farmers in a community in Barangay Poblacion, Norala, South Cotabato delivered their sacks of rice into the market through their karosa.

Karosa is a local term of a farm cart used by Filipino farmers, usually pulled by a carabao, in transporting rice produce and other commodities from their farms.

“It was our only mean in bringing our produce from this area up to the pick-up point,” Cesar Suoberon, tilling a 2-hectare rice field in the area for more than 30 years, explained.

“Only our carabao and the Karosa can pass the area because of the road’s ugly condition.”

Suoberon added that haulers would tend to backtrack from picking their produce in the area because the road was almost impassable, muddy and even always denied them of fresh products reaching the heart of Norala.

“But now, we are happy that come our harvest time, we will no longer use Karosa, instead, truckers will directly come to our areas and pick our produce because of this road project,” the exultant farmer stated.

Suoberon confirmed that multiple-wheeled vehicles are now freely passing their production areas.

“Big trucks are now always bypassing this road making it easier for us to deliver our produce,” he added.

The Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Norala just recently completed the 1.7-kilometer road concreting project in Barangay Poblacion named Rehabilitation of Purok Taurus-Central Balabago Farm-to-Market Road (FMR).

The P18.9-M worth of infra project, which benefits 500 farmers including Mr. Suoberon, covers a service area of 900 hectares.

This project is under the infrastructure development component of DA-PRDP which aims to build strategic network of rural logistics infrastructure within priority value chains in targeted program areas.

Last year, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol praised the project for its culture of no corruption.

“With PRDP’s culture of no corruption, we are contributing to changing the culture of the Philippine political leaders,” the agri chief said.

The PRDP is a six-year program implemented by the DA with the World Bank for the creation of an inclusive, value-oriented and climate-resilient agriculture and fisheries sector.

No hauling fee

Aside from the aforesaid benefits, Mr. Alex Parreño of Barangay Poblacion noted that the road project will now ensure them of free hauling fee since truckers will certainly penetrate their area because of better road condition.

He stated that rice truckers before often complained of the murky way that sometimes led the farmers’ transported products to tumble and these haulers would chose to just wait in a designated pick-up point rather than going straight to the area.

This subsequently steered for Mr. Parreño and his fellow farmers to pay additional hauling fee.

“We paid the hauling for fifteen pesos per sack before, but now it will be different because we will surely pay nothing,” the 67-year old farmer said.

Easy access to social services

Both Parreño and Suoberon are agreeable that with the advent of a concrete road, constituents in the area are now reaping wider array of benefits.

“We are now less worried of medical emergencies,” Suoberon said.

The farmer further noted that the DA-PRDP road project enabled them to bring speedily their ill family members to the hospital or clinic.

Parreño also added that authorities could now easily respond to untoward incidents in their area.

“Before, police personnel were sometimes hesitant to respond… the road condition prevented them to instantly report to the crime scene,” he said. (PR No. 1, January 16, 2017)

Before and After the DA-PRDP Road Project in Koronadal City
Before and After the DA-PRDP 1.7 kilometers Road Concreting Project in Barangay Poblacion , Norala, South Cotabato, SOCCKSSARGEN Region, Mindanao

Carl Ulysses Aguillon to contribute as writer for the Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog

Carl Ulysses Aguillon photo
Writer Carl Ulysses Aguillon photo taken from his Facebook account

Carl Ulysses Aguillon to contribute as writer for the Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog

By Elmer R. Esplana, Economist Blogger

Starting July 1, 2017,  I am happy to inform everyone that Carl Ulysses L. Aguillon will be contributing news/feature article for the Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog.

Carl is currently working as a writer of the Philippine Rural Development Project of the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office 12.  He will be sharing in blog agricultural development news, success stories, and best practices in project implementation in Region 12 or popularly known as the SOCCSKSARGEN Region of the Philippines.  He also worked as a writer from 2014 to 2015 at the Department of Agriculture-Region 12 Information Section and as Disc Jockey from 2013 to 2014 of the Happy FM Koronadal operated by Notre Dame Broadcasting Corporation.

He can speaks Filipino, Hiligaynon and English. Carl was born in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. He finished his college for his AB Political Science in 2014 at the Notre Dame of Marbel University. He is currently taking his Masters in Public Administration at the same university.

Some of his area of interests include sports, rural development, debate and writing.  Before working in the Department of Agriculture,  Mr. Carl Aguillon was awarded the following:  Most Outstanding Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman in Koronadal City in 2011; Most Outstanding Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman for the Promotion of Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program given by the Commission on Population (Koronadal City) in 2012. He has participated training/workshop/conferences on the following topics: Farmcaster’s Briefing Workshop on DA’s Programs and Policies (2016); Enhancement Training on TV Production (2016); Mindanao Information Network Conference (2016); Data Visualization Seminar (2016); Rural Broadcaster’s Conference/Climate Change I-BRODKAS MO (2015); Development Legislation Seminar-Workshop (2011); Sangguniang Kabataan Newly Elected officials Orientation (2011); Peer Educator’s Training on Adolescent Health and Youth Development (2011); Empowering Future Leaders: City Youth Congress (2010); and 7th National Leadership Training (2009).

He is currently living in Koronadal City, South Kotabato. I am greatfully welcoming you,  Carl Aguillon in Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog.  For the 2050 Vision Philippines and the next generation of Lahing Kayumanggi, God bless you Carl! Mabuhay ang mga Filipino! God bless the Philippines!

The Magical Gesture of Autumn Painting of Jesse Esplana

The Magical Gesture of Autumn Painting of Jesse Esplana

by Elmer R. Esplana, Economist Blogger

Magical Gesture of Autumn
Magical Gesture of Autumn painting by Jesse R. Esplana
The Magical Gesture of Autumn Painting Series
The Magical Gesture of Autumn Painting Series 1,2,3,4; 24 x18 inches; Acrylic on Canvas by Jesse Esplana (Series No. 2)
The Magical Gesture of Autumn Painting Series
The Magical Gesture of Autumn Painting Series 1,2,3,4; 24 x18 inches; Acrylic on Canvas by Jesse Esplana (Series No. 4)
The Magic Begins at the Witches Brew Diners
The Magic Begins at the Witches Brew Diners promotional poster of the list of visual artists who will be participating. Opening of the exhibit will be on July 7 up to July 25, 2017 at the Lakefront Boardwalk, Sukat, Muntinlupa City.

Interpretation of the painting:

Behind the story of this painting is a representation of the autumn season and the magic of color, wherein the leaves changes their colors according to the season.  This painting shows how the simple beauty of the leaves changes in a tree.  “I painted this artistic output because it shows the wonder of vibrant striking colors of the natural beauty of the leaves which are depicted in the art canvas” according to Jesse Esplana.

Painting Title:  Magical Gesture of Autumn 1,2,3,4 series;  24 x18 inches; Acrylic on Canvas

Jesse Esplana: Short Artist Profile

Jesse Esplana is a naturalist visual artist. He loves to paint natures, candid sceneries, still life and conceptual art figures. He calls his visual art work style as impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, conceptualism and abstractionism type.   Aside from being a visual artist, Jesse is also a chef.  He is also passionate about culinary arts, as his other area of expertise in his arts profession. He works as assistant chef overseas.   He started initially doing his visual arts masterpieces, as a hobby.  Later on, he found his passion in it.  This passion drives him to paint every day.  He feels the personal happiness every time he finished his visual art piece one after the other.   He has 10-year experiences as a visual artist. He has also made his 5th series of his one-man art exhibits in different areas from his native town in Municipality of Santa Cruz, in the province of Marinduque and in the City of Bacoor, Cavite.  As part of his work, he has travelled in the United States, Europe, Middle East and in Asia. Visual artist Jesse also received award as part of the top 10 winner in Freedom Art Society on the spot painting contest.  Part of his journey in the field of visual art is his desires to continually work with the different group of fellow artists in the country, where he contributed his art work masterpieces through the different art exhibits organized by the Freedom Art Society, Arts Association of the Philippine, art galleries,  to name some.

For inquiries about other paintings made by Jesse R. Esplana, please call at mobile no. 0995-4193144 or email us at pinoyactstechnology@gmail.com.

My brother Jesse Esplana's painting
My brother Jesse Esplana’s painting

My love for you and my God

My love for you and my God

Dinner treat for the recognition of my son Aragorn Enoch at Robinsons Place Manila with my wife Arlene, eldest son Elrond and Princess.

Dinner treat for the recognition of my son Aragorn Enoch at Robinsons Place Manila with my wife Arlene, eldest son Elrond and Princess.

Travel in Singapore with the family in 2011 with my wife Arlene, Elrond and Enoch. at the Universal Studio.
Travel in Singapore with the family in 2011 with my wife Arlene, Elrond and Enoch. at the Universal Studio.
Travel in Macau, People's Republic of China with my wife Arlene.
One of our family vacations with my wife Arlene.

By Elmer R. Esplana

April 2, 2017

(This poem was inspirationally written to share my love and deep affection for my beloved wife Arlene, and my God, my Saviours and our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Author of our life forever. It was a revised version from my original poetry composition way back May 21, 2013. The poem was written in English with Tagalog translation -those texts in the parenthesis.)


Smile my queen,
God loves us always,
He comforts us,
Whatever is our burden in our heart,
He will unburden us with His prayer.

(Ngumite ka aking reyna,

Mahal tayo lagi ng Dios,

Pinagagaan nya ang ating puso,

Ano man ang kabigatan ng ating puso,

Ito ay kanyang pagagaanin ng kanyang mga panalangin)

Smile my queen,
God loves us always,
He heals us,
Whatever sickness we have,
And burden that we are experiencing today,

(Ngumite ka aking reyna,

Mahal tayo lagi ng Dios,

Pagagalingin nya tayo,

Anumang karamdaman mayroon tayo,

At mga kabigatan nararanasan ngayon)

Smile my queen,
God loves us always,
He teaches us to pray
So we can lay down to Him
Our concerns today.

(Ngumite ka aking reyna,

Mahal tayo lagi ng Dios,

Tinuturuan nya tayong manalangin,

Upang ibigay at ilapit sa Kanya,

Ang ating mga pangangailangan)

Smile my queen,
Cleanse our heart with his blood,
He forgives us in our sins and trespasses,
So we can have a personal relationship to him,
And continually receive the power of His salvation.

(Nyumite ka aking reyna,

Linisin natin ang ating puso ng kanyang dugo,

Pinatatawad nya tayo sa ating mga kasalanan at pagkukulang,

Upang tayong magkaroon ng person na relasyon sa kanya,

At tanggapin ang walang hanggang kapangyarihan ng Kanyang kaligtasan)

My love in you renew my mind,
Let me hug you with my hands,
And anoint you with the oil of His healing love,
I am bless to see once again,
And the awesomeness of God’s presence and spirit everyday,

(Ang aking pag-ibig sa iyo nagsasariwa ng aking isip,

Hayaan mo akong yakapin kita,

At pagalingin ka ng langis ng kanyang pag-ibig na may pagpapagaling,

Ako ay pinagpala na makita kang muli,

At napakaganda ng presensya ng Dios at ng kanyang espirito sa araw-araw)

I love you and miss you always,
Will always be your best friend,
And husband forever faithful to you,
Who will make you happy with my love,

And great affection and love everyday.

(Mahal kita at lagi kita hinahanap palagi,

Lagi ako ang iyong matalik na kaibigan,

At asawa na tapat sa habang buhay,

Na magpapasaya sa iyo dahil sa aking pag-ibig,

At dakilang pagkalinga at pag-ibig sa araw-araw)

I offer you my care my queen,
To make you feel my heatbeat everyday,
And hug and kiss you always,
And comforts you my eros love with God’s love,
And his amazing grace to both of us and our family everyday.

(Aking inaalay sa iyo ang aking pagmamahal aking reyna,

Para maramdaman mo ng tibok ng aking puso sa araw-araw,

At yakapin at halikan palagi,

At pagaanin ang iyong puso ng aking pagmamahal at pagmamahal ng Dios,

At ang kamangha-mangha niyang biyaya sa ating dalawa at pamilya sa araw-araw)

I love you my queen and my bestfriend forever;
You are my inspiration and my desire to be with always,
To care and to love you forever,
And be one with your dream and goals for the family,

To both delight in God’s words and promises everyday.

(Mahal kita aking reyna at matalik na kaibigan habang buhay,

Ikaw ang aking inspirasyon at ang naisin lagi kung makasama,

Para alagaan at mahalin ka habang buhay,

At maging isa sa iyong mga pangarap at layunin para sa pamilya,

At pareho tayong maging masaya sa salita ng Dios at kanyang mga pangako sa araw-araw)

Travel in Macau, People's Republic of China with my wife Arlene.
Travel in Macau, People’s Republic of China with my wife Arlene.


One Million Challenge of “I Love Success Book”

Cover of the book I love success
Front cover of the book “I love success, Milestone of Leaders” by Dr. Bert L. Olivar

"I love my country" words from President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
“I love my country” words from President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (back cover of the book)

One Million Challenge of “I Love Success Book”


By Elmer Rioflorido Esplana, Economist Blogger


There is an ongoing one million challenge for the book entitled “I Love Success, Milestone of Leaders. A journey of an ordinary QC Government Employee doing extraordinary works to help and inspire others to success.” The book was authored by Dr. Bert L. Olivar. Dr. Olivar graduated his Doctor of Veterinary Science and Medicine from the Central Luzon State University. He is currently working as Veterinarian at the Quezon City Veterinary Services Department.

In an interview, Dr. Olivar said that his book “I Love Success” is an inspirational book published by the Central Books Supply Inc. located at 927 Phoenix Bldg., Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. The book has 182 pages and it is soft bound.  It was registered with the National Library.  The book is currently being circulated in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao through the six book retail outlets of Central Books Supply Inc.

According to Dr. Olivar, the vision of the book is “to believe, trust and serve God” by promoting and distributing his book. He said, “I am not selling book, I am selling hope for the future.”

His mission for his book is “for it to become an instrument in changing the world into a beautiful, peaceful, and prosperous New World.”  Although, being a Filipino,  the Philippines is one of his main focus which he believed that by sharing his book, “it will make the Philippines great!”

He said that my advocacy in my life is “Love of God, Love of Family and Love of People.”

As part of promoting the positive values of love for the country, he also included in the back page of the book the words of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte which says “I Love My Country!”

According to Dr. Olivar the “I Love Success” book has four components namely: first, Great Power = Man + Great Minds; second, Great Spirit = A Fertile Mind + God’s Word;  third, Great Leader = Man + Value, Character, Principle; fourth and lastly, Great Wealth = Man + Tithing.

Great power from the words of Rudolph W. Guilliani said that each one had to surround himself/herself with great people. He further said that “have beliefs and communicate them.”  See things for yourself.  Set an example. Stand up for bullies. Deal with first things first.  Loyalty is a vital virtue.  Prepare relentlessly.  Under promise and over deliver. Don’t assume a damn thing.

Great spirit from Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Great leader is service.  By giving great services to others, life becomes more meaningful.

Great wealth is tithing. By giving what is due to God, the more we are given. There is a spiritual law that the more we give, the more we receive.

In terms of the importance of his book, first, Dr. Olivar stressed that his book is a year-round guide for everyone to build mental reserves to be used during trial times. Second, his book provides his readers with anchor in stormy life.  Third, his book makes people resilient in time of failures. Lastly, his book is like a software that makes our mind strong when faces with difficulties along the roads of life.

Dr. Olivar’s “One Million Challenge” for his book “I Love Success, Milestone of Leaders” is based on his dream and desire to generate funds, so he can support helping students who are not able to go to school, to be able to study and have a tool to achieve success in life.

The favorite words of Dr. Bert L. Olivar which he usually say “I said Yes to Success.”

If you are interested to buy the book, you can call or text mobile no. +639178434851 or email us at pinoyactstechnology@gmail.com. You can also visit this blog https://www.pinoyactstechnology.com to leave your comment/message below at the comment/reply section or  at  “Contact Us” menu and we will get back to you as soon as possible. One copy of the book is PhP500. Discounted price will be given for organizational or group procurement of 10 books per order.

President Duterte’s punch for the Lahing Kayumanggi with Dr. Bert Olivar, as a symbol of “One Million Challenge” for the “I Love Success” book
Duterte Punch
Duterte punch for One Million Challenge of I Love Success Book by Elmer Esplana (economist blogger), Dr. Bert Oliver and Kevin Ray Domingo (systems developer)

Mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi Collection: A Tribute to Valentine’s Day

Mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi Collection
This is the collection of Mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi composed by Elmer Rioflorido Esplana

Ang tula na gawang Filipino ay isang biyaya ng Dios para sa Lahing Kayumanggi upang ito’y maging inspirasyon sa mga taong makakabasa o makakarinig nito na ito ay sinasambit ng isang makata. Buhayin natin ang mga likhang tula na pwedi nating ipamana sa mga susunod na henersayon ng Lahing Kayumanggi. Ito ay maaring nilikha sa Tagalog, English at iba pang mga dialektong Pilipino. Pagyamanin natin ang mga tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi.


Pagmamahal sa Kapwa Tao

By Elmer R. Esplana
(Isang tula na nilikha upang magpaalala na ang pagmamahal sa kapwa ay utos ng Dios, na dapat nating ipadama upang maging maligaya at ang pagmamahal sa kapwa tao ang sandigan ng ating pagunlad bilang isang bansa sa Asya at Pasipiko.  Sabi nga ni Dr. Orly Mercado, “Kapwa ko, Mahal ko!”) Date posted in mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi FB Personal Blog, December 9, 2015)

Ang pagmamahal sa kapwa tao,
Ikalawang utos ng Dios,
Na dapat lagi nating ipadama,
Upang ang buhay natin ay maging maligaya.

Ikaw at ako ay mga nilikha ng Maykapal,
Upang mahalin at pahalagahan natin ang kapwa natin,
Tulungan sila upang maging maganda ang buhay,
Kabahagi tayong lahat sa pag-unlad ng bansa.

May kapwa taong para bagang gusto lagi ng gulo,
Ayaw ng kapayapaan at parating masama ang iniisip sa kapwa,
Ngunit ganon pa man, mahalin pa rin natin sila,
Dahil kawangis din sila ng Dios na lumikha.

Kung patuloy lang tayong magmamahal,
Patuloy lang din buhay natin ay masaya,
May kapayapaan at kagalakan sa puso,
Daig nya ang anumang uri ng yaman sa mundo.

Sino nga ba ang magsasabi, na may pagmamahal ka sa kapwa tao mo?
Kundi ikaw at ako rin ang makakapansin nito,
Ikaw at ako rin ang makakaramdam nito,
Hindi pwedi maging isang balat-kayo lamang.

Kung kapwa mo, mahal mo,
Iingatan mo sya at gagabayan,
Ipagtatanggol at ipagyayabang,
Sapagkat, ito ang tunay na pagmamahal sa kapwa tao.

May hihigit pa ba sa isang kaibigan,
Na inialay nya ang buhay nya,
Upang maging ligtas, mapayapa at masaya,
Ang kanyang ka-buddy at kasama sa paglalakbay.

Kaya’t kung kapwa ko Filipino mapapasama rito,
Kasama mo ako upang ipaglaban ito,
Dahil ang buhay mo at buhay ng bawat isa ay parehong mahalaga sa Dios,
Kanyang inialay ang buhay nya para maligtas tayo.

Ang aking panawagan sa bawat isa,
Mag-isip tayo para sa ating bansa,
At para sa susunod na generasyon ng Lahing Kayumanggi,
Mahalin natin ang ating bansa at kapwa tao.



Kapatid na Mahal

By Elmer R. Esplana

(Date posted in mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi FB blog, September 14, 2015)

Kapatid na mahal,
Umaalis at bumabalik,
Kasama sa hirap,
Kasama sa ginhawa.

Isang pagpapala,
Sa Dios na lumikha,
Ang bigyan ka ng mabuting kapatid,
Handang sumama at gumabay sa iyo.

Walang ibang katulad,
Ang pagmamahal ng kapatid,
Dios na buhay ang maybigay nito,
Upang sa ating mga lakarin ka-buddy mo.

Sa inyong paghayo mga kapatid,
Ingatan nawa kayo lagi ng Ama Natin,
Lagi manalangin at maging malapit sa Dios,
Sapagkat ang pagmamahal nya ay kakaiba sa lahat.

Tagapagligtas, Tagapayo,
Ating syang Manggagamot,
Tagapagbigay ng Kapayapaan,
Kaibigan at kasama sa habang buhay at magpakailanman.


Mahal kong Pilipinas
(This poem was inspirationally written to encourage all Filipinos to love the Philippines whether you are within and outside the country with utmost dedication, date posted in mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi FB blog, September 7, 2015)

By Elmer R. Esplana

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Ikaw ang aking sinilangan,
Sa iyo nagmula ang aking lahi,
Tatanghalin ka ng mundo dahil sa aking lipi.

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Ikaw ang aking sandigan,
Kahit anong mangyari sa akin sa ibang lupain,
Ikaw pa rin ang babalikan ko at syang naisin.

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Ikaw ay dangal ng bansa,
Sinilangan ni Rizal, Lapu-lapu, Bonifacio at Diego Silang,
Mga bayaning maipagmamalaki namin kaylan pa man.

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Ilalaban ka ng Lahing Kayumanggi,
Saan mang sulok ng mundo,
Ang pangalan mo ang itatangi.

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Lagi kitang iingatan,
Mga likas mong yaman ay payayabungin,
Upang ang kasagaan sa pagkain, laging naming mapananatili.

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Sa biyaya ng Dios na buhay,
Ang iyong ganda sa lupa, sa tubig at sa hangin,
Pananatilihin at aalagaan dahil ikaw ang aking buhay.

Mahal kong Pilipinas,
Ang pangalan mo ay idadakila at itataas,
Kahit saan, kahit kailan,
Sapagkat ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo ay walang kapantay.


Panaghoy sa Silangan

By Elmer R. Esplana

(Date posted in mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi FB blog, September 6, 2015)

Ang panaghoy sa silangan,
Pilipinas boses ng isang masayang lahi,
Mahilig kumanta at mag-videoke,
Madaling pakisamahan at masayang kabarkada.

Ang panaghoy sa silangan,
Pilipinas mayaman sa likas na yaman,
Malaki ang populasyon at maraming manggagawa,
Kalimitan hinahanap ng kumpanyang banyaga.

Ang panaghoy sa silangan,
Pilipinas dakila ang iyong lahi,
Malawak ang iyong pang-unawa,
Lagi kang payapa at maaruga.

Ang panaghoy sa silangan,
Lahing Kayumanggi ang dakila,
Biyaya ng Dios na lumikha,
Sa iyo kailanman ay sagana.


Ang Filipino Ngayon

By Elmer R. Esplana

(Date posted in mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi FB blog, September 6, 2015)

Ang Filipino ngayon,
Mga anak ng Lahing Kayumanggi,
Biyaya ng Dios sa mundo,
Mga bagong sibol sa silangan at kanluran,
Magpapatuloy paunlarin ang bagong Pilipinas.

Ang Filipino ngayon,
Mga bata ng mundong tuwid,
Regalo ng Dios sa kanilang mga magulang,
Magpapatuloy sa mga naiwang gawain,
Na ikinarangal ng mga naunang henerasyon.

Ang Filipino ngayon,
May utak ng makabagong mundo,
Lumalaki sa high-tech na gamit pangkumunikasyon,
Mga bata idad lima hanggang sampu pa lamang,
Alam na ang Google, Facebook, Apps at Play Store,
Marunong na gumamit ng ipad, tablet, smart phone,
Laptop, desktop computer at mga iba pang katulad na gamit.

Ang Filipino ngayon,
Maagap ang kanilang pagkaka-diskubre,
Iba’t ibang mga kaalaman pwedi mapulot sa internet,
Iba’t ibang panuurin pwedi makita sa TV at mga pelikula,
Iba’t ibang babasahin galing sa samut-sari manunulat,
Kaya’t kailangan ang mabuting pag-gabay ng mga magulang.


Ang Pagmamahal na Wagas
By Elmer R. Esplana

(Date posted in mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi FB blog, September 5, 2015)

Pagmamahal na wagas,
Wagas na pagmamahal,
Kahit pagbalik-baliktarin mo,
Wagas pa rin ang dulo,
Dulo na kung iisipin natin,
Walang itong simula at walang katapusan,
Walang katapusang pag-ibig,
Katumbas ng pagmamahal sa atin,
Ng Panginoong Dios lumikha sa atin.

Kaya kung wagas ang iyong pagmamahal,
Lahat ng mga pagsubok sa buhay mo at ang iyong minamahal,
Malalampasan lahat dahil ang wagas na pagmamahal,
Kahit kailan ay mananatili na kahit lumipas ang panahon,
At tumanda na ang araw at gabi,
Ang wagas na pagmamahal ay laging mananariwa,
Hindi mawawala, laging buhay, laging handang magsakripisyo,
Upang patuloy bakahin ang mga bundok at pating ng buhay,
Dahil ang wagas, tapat at dalisay na pagmamahal ay walang katapusan.


An Advocacy Pledge for the Philippines in this 21st Century Flat world for the Brown Race  or Lahing Kayumanggi Worldwide


“We, the citizens of the Philippines and inhabitants of this country, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of language and local dialect, provincial, regional and racial differences, political affiliation, and religion; to build a democratic, God-fearing, peace-loving, collaborative and interdependent society based on justice, equality, good governance, nationalism, discipline, participation, prayer, faith and sacrifice, so we can contribute for the advancement of our country’s societal challenges, needs and concerns at the right time, right place and with the right purpose; and to aim to become “Champion” in the individual God-given calling that we are in, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.” – Elmer R. Esplana, February 2011



Note: This pledge was inspirationally written from the Singapore Pledge which was seen by the author in the National Museum of Singapore in February 2011.

Picture Sharing Time Series No 1, February 9, 2016
Picture Sharing Time Series No 1, February 9, 2017

Skills, Experiences and Vision for 2050 as a Professional and Young Leader

Picture of Elmer Esplana
Picture of Elmer Esplana


Skills, Experiences and Vision for 2050 as a Professional and Young Leader   

November 30, 2016


“The change we can expect from this country (Philippines) is dependent on the sacrifices and contributions of each one and our people, particularly, our leaders.”  -ERE, CPR Diamond Model, September 2008


Mr. Esplana Rioflorido Esplana or simply “Elmer”  is a total packaged  Filipino holistic, dynamic, pro-active and responsive economist, blogger, writer, poet, resource speaker, business and economics interdisciplinary researcher, supply chain and project management, marketing, training and development professional.

He is good in the following: analyzing information/data and in researching things; blogging/writing things; solving problems; facilitating change through technology/processes innovation; managing/organizing things; networking with industry clients, including local government units and non-governmental associations; negotiating; resource speaker engagement/subject matter teaching from his core area of interdisciplinary expertise. He is also good in interviewing people; good in setting-up system as part of innovation; and good at talking and discussing new ideas and advocacies with people.

He has more than five-year experience in project management (project coordinator), particularly in the implementation of Japan 2KR LOM Project (Japanese foreign-assisted project)  in the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Bureau of Animal Industry (2011-present), and had the experience in business development like establishing family business in the past (2006-2010) where he served as the general manager (part-time capacity);  and team leading activities that he handled in the government service or as a private practitioner development professional.  Also, he had an exposure in multi-country foreign-related work activities, when he visited the following countries: Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia for his participation as a member of the delegation of the Philippines for the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) from 2011 to 2012 – the 9th and 10th Natural Resources and Development Cluster Meeting in April 11-14, 2011, held in Brunei Darussalam and May 14-17, 2012 held in Balikpapan City, Indonesia, respectively. He also participated in the 1st BIMP-EAGA Agribusiness Cluster Meeting in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan in June 18-20, 2013.

In a short stint, he worked as a consultant in the MADECOR Group as value-chain specialist for three months from February 25 to May 25, 2013, on a part-time capacity.

Other experiences that passes through in his life during his formative years as a new professional and professional student from 1994 to 1998 include the following: Computer Instructor from January 10, 1998 to May 31, 1998 for World Citi College, Aurora Blvd., Quezon City;  Research Assistant, from April 16, 1997 to December 31, 1997 for the DA-ACIAR Economic Evaluation Project (an Australian-funded research project), Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City;  Data Encoder from July 1, 1996 to March 01, 1997 for the Human Resource Development Service, Department of Labor and Employment, Intramuros, Manila; Summer Job (Public Employment Service Office Program) from April 4, 1996 to May 1, 1996 for the Institute for Labor Studies, Department of Labor and Employment, Intramuros, Manila; Computer Operator/Encoder from August 1, 1993 to April 1, 1994 for the Consolidated Foods Corporation, Pasig City.

In terms of civil society organization participation: he was a member of the following professional organizations: the Asia Pacific Network of International Forum on Social Science and Health (APNET), the Philippines Economic Society, the Philippine Statistical Association, the Philippine Agricultural Journalist, the Philippine Health Social Science Association, to name some.

He is currently the focal person of the advocacy group, the Philippines 2050 Movement, an online group which advocate inclusive growth & development, the making of Filipinos great in agriculture and arts, communications and information technology, tourism, agri-tourism, science and technology innovations, and development of value-added support services in industries, and collectively contributing individually as a professional and a young Filipino leader for the Philippines, towards a developed country by 2050 or the Philippines Vision 2050.

He was able to participate in the Exchange Program and Benchmarking visit to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and its offices such as Economics Research Service (ERS), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), US-National Pork Producers Council and Swine Producers Association on the Hog Production and Analyses, November 13-23, 2005, Washington DC and Iowa, United States of America.

He has an exposure in participating and presenting paper in two foreign conferences the “6th Asia-Pacific Social Science and Medicine Conference (APSSAM),” Kunming City, China, October 14-18, 2002 sponsored by Asia Pacific Network (APNET) of International Forum on Social Science and Health; and the “6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine (APCDM)”, Fukuoka, Japan, February 19-22, 2002.

He has the experience in managing and coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including remote teams by serving as the National Secretariat Coordinator of the National Task Force on Price and Volume Watch Committee (1999 to 2010), a participatory governance and marketing intelligence mechanism in the livestock sector in the Philippines. The sustained holding of this committee in DA-AMAS/ BAI after the rationalization in 2015 was part and parcel of his advocacy for the livestock marketing and agribusiness development, although, he longer serves as the Secretariat of this committee in DA.  Aside being an instrument of pioneering this committee, he also replicated in a regional committee in Central Luzon, the nearest region in Metro Manila which contributes as the biggest supplier of livestock and poultry products for Metro Manila market.

As part of his desires to push for the livestock marketing development in the livestock industry, he was instrumental in facilitating the development of two websites in DA such as: The Livestock Marketing in the Philippines with URL: http://livestockmarketing.da.gov.ph and Oksyon: The LOM Profiling System with URL: http://oksyon.da.gov.ph.

The social media accounts he pioneered as an advocacy page group include:  in Facebook “Agrikulturang Maunlad,” and “Philippines 2050 Movement,” Poetry Facebook page entitled “Mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi,” and “PhilippineGrowth&DevelopmentAnalysis FB page. He also pioneered the “Pinoy Agritourism and Socio-economics Development Blog’ (http://pinoyonlineagri-tourismsupportblog.blogspot.com) to promote Philippine development, agribusiness, agri-tourism, and professional activities and recently the development of the Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog (https://www.pinoyactstechnology.com) to promote the greatness of Filipinos and our families to the world showcasing knowledge, information and technology (KIT) to all. He is actively participating in social media discussion and posting of information on his personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Linkedin.

He contributed  as either author/writer  or co-author to some local and international publications with the following research titles:  Strategic Agribusiness Development Plan (February and October 2009);  A Supply Chain Assessment in the Philippine Fruits Industry: Towards Sustained Profitability, Improved Productivity and Pro-active Response to the Impact of Climate Change (October 2009); Development in the Supply Chain of the Philippine Goat Industry: An Assessment (October 2007); An Analysis of the Philippine Feedmilling Industry (2004).  Description of Rabies Cases and Deaths in the Philippines: Some Program and Policy Implications (October 2002); An Assessment of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) Research in the Philippines-PN 7660, FIS/1991/030 (April 2002); An Evaluation of the Disaster Management Program of the UP Manila Ugnayan ng Pahinungud (February 2002), to name some.

He has more than 20 either news, feature article or inspirational article published in the past and had attended more than 20 training events in the past which further equipped him as an economist, researcher, project management and development professional.

As an interdisciplinary researcher and economist, he has received a Grand Prize Award in Socioeconomics Research Category during the 19th National Research Symposium in October 2007; and Third Prize Award in the same category in October 2005 from the prestigious award-giving research institution in DA, the Bureau of Agricultural Research. There are other professional/work-related  awards that he received in the past, including 15 Years in Service Loyalty Award (July 2014);  Most Valuable Participant (MVP) Award (July 2014); Bibo Kid Award (December 2013), to name some.   He has written more than 15 either socio-economics, agriculture and social science researches since 2002 to present.

As a resource person, he served as resource speaker and trainor to more than 25 speaking engagement events in the past, from 1999 to the present for both local and international events. Some of the favorite topics which he usually shared in his lectures include: Yuppies: Creating a Huge Impact on Future Professionals; Ushering the Country for a Better Future: A CPR Diamond Model of Socioeconomic and Governance Development;  CPR Diamond Model for Socio-economic and Political Development, a Framework Concepts and Application:An Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Approach to Learning/Research; The Power of Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary  Learning for the Socio-economic Development and Effective Local and National Governance in the Philippines; The Praxis of Socio-economic Impact Assessment (SEIA): An Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Approach; Statistical Analysis and Information Dissemination: Its Role in the Livestock and Poultry Industry Competitiveness; Statistical Analyses for Marketing information.   Some of the topics he presented in the past about the agriculture and livestock industry include: Honeybee Industry in the Philippines: An Industry Cluster Analysis Focusing on Institutional and Socio-economic Governance Development; Organizational Framework of Regional Task Force on Price and Volume Watch; Development in the Supply Chain of the Philippine Honey Industry: An Assessment; A Supply Chain Assessment of the Philippine Fruits Industry: Towards Profitability, Improved Productivity and Pro-active Response to the Impact of Climate Change; Goat Supply Chain Management and Agribusiness Opportunities in the Philippine Goat Industry; Supply Chain of the Philippine Hog Industry; The Philippine Feedmilling Industry: An Analysis, to name some.

As a poet, he has written more than 15 poems with themes about family, relationship, love of God, love of country, advocacy, aspirations, life, trials and vision. The different poems that he composed include: Pilipinas Kong  Mahal at Bayan Ko (The Philippines I love and My Country); Bagong Taon ng Lahing Kayumanggi (New Year of Lahing Kayumanggi); Pagmamahal sa Kapwa Tao (Loving our Fellowmen); Kapatid na Mahal (The Brother I Love); Mahal Kong Pilipinas (The Philippines I Love); Panaghoy sa Silangan (The Voice from the East); Ang Filipino Ngayon (The Filipino Today); Ang Pagmamahal na Wagas (The Pure Love); Ang Buhay:Isang Tula (Life: A Poem); Pilipinas, Ang Mamatay ng Dahil sa Iyo (Philippines, I will die for you); Ang Panahon ng Bagyo (The Time of Storm); and Ilaban Natin (Let’s Fight for it).

He is married to Arlene Tumang Garcia-Esplana from Floridablanca, Pampanga, currently working in the Western Pacific Regional Office of the World Health Organization of the United Nations where he has two children namely Elrond Abram, a 7-grader and Aragorn Enoch, grade 2 who are both studying in the Philippines Christian University (Union High School of Manila and Union Elementary School).



Elmer and Arlene Garcia Esplana
Elmer and Arlene Garcia Esplana
Elmer Esplana with wife Arlene and sons Elrond and Aragorn
Elmer Esplana with wife Arlene and sons Elrond and Aragorn

Pinoy ACTS Technology is a blog that talks about the greatness of Filipinos and our families to the world showcasing knowledge, information & technology to all.