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Welcome to the Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog

Welcome to the Pinoy ACTS  Technology  Blog

It is an honor to share with you this blog which aims to promote the greatness of Filipinos by sharing knowledge, information and technology which are generated or produced by our people, starting from my family and partners who supported us in the development of this blog.

This blog will focus on the ACTS of the Filipinos which means,  “A” stands for Agriculture and Arts, “C” which stands for Communications and Information  Technology, “T”  which stands for Tourism and Farm or Agri-tourism,  and “S”  which  stands  for  Services and Production of Information by  our people,  particularly   my  family members in different segments of the blog.

We hope and pray that by developing this blog, we would be able to advance the greatness of Filipinos and our families to the world by showcasing knowledge, information & technology to all, in the next 6 to 30 years.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this blog, the knowledge, the information, and the technology that we care to share with you, please do so.

I congratulate  everyone for doing their share in making the Filipinos a better country to live in.  Good day  and enjoy reading the contents  of this blog.  Mabuhay!

Elmer R.  Esplana,  Economist  Blogger