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Roblox is my game for fun and education

Roblox is my game for fun and education

By Elrond Abram G. Esplana

Roblox is one of the most integrated or what we call as “all-in-one” development engine online games in the world. It has a built-in physics engine and free cloud hosting. You can build and launch your game simultaneously on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devises.

There are hundred to thousand games that you can play in Roblox. You just have to select your game choice you want to play. Also, the system will teach you and show you how you can play the different games. There are two ways to access and play Roblox. Either you register or not. But if you will not register, you cannot save the games that you want to continue, so you can build your knowledge in playing the games next time. So, it is important to save all your things, especially the skin or image of the character you want to represent yourself in Roblox.

My favorite segments in Roblox games include: Tycoon or business-building games, Survival games, Natural Disaster games, and Hike and seek games. Here are some things I learned in Roblox while I am playing the games such as: 1) I improve my patience in doing things; 2) I also learn to relax and lessen the stress in studying; and 3) I also learn new English words and abbreviations of words commonly used while interacting with fellow game players, such as: GG or good game, THX or Thanks, NP or No problem.

I believe that computer game is not only for fun but all also for educational purposes in building your knowledge, attitude, and right perspective in life on what to do, and how to do things using online games platform as a vicarious experience (e.g. like becoming a superhero, becoming a lumber business entrepreneur, food-chain business tycoon, etc.).  If you want to know more, you can visit the Roblox website at www.roblox.com or you can go directly to: https://www.roblox.com/games.

My experiences as online game player

My experiences as online game player

By Elrond Abram G. Esplana, 7th year grader student, Philippine Christian University-Union High School of Manila (PCU-UHSM)

Elrond Esplana picture
My son Elrond Esplana’s picture


As an online game player, I am playing Minecraft, Roblox, Five Night’s at Freddy, and many more. I am playing online games because I want to become a professional online gamer and You Tuber like DanTDM, Srampylonghead, Iballisticsquid, Ashdub, and more celebrity You  Tubers.   I really love to play games since I started  playing games in 2010, when I was 7 years old during that time.  I played computer games initially with the stand alone computer game technology which I used to play using my father’s old computer, desktop Windows XP.

When I play games, I learned many things such as:  1) learning to understand and speak in English; 2) knowing other game players in different countries, including  my fellow Filipino game players, schoolmates, and classmates;  3) learning to make strategy, be alert to remain alive in the game, 4) developing the skills in finger dexterity to win the games; and 5) other learning experiences I gained from one online game type to another.

Almost every day, I played games at least two hours or if I have time and I am not doing anything.  I use Smart Phone, Tablet, and Computer in playing games. Now that I can make online blogs, I write article and stories about my experiences in playing online games.  This makes me happy and gives me the positive feeling and confident to myself.

My inspiration in playing online games is anyone who  I loved and awesome,  like my parents and brother.   I’m inspired to be a good online game player because i want to dedicate them to  my parents and my brother who are awesome and good people.  Now that I am grade 7 student,  I want to see myself in the next five to ten years from now that I already graduate in  college.  I want to be a successful person like a programmer or a software engineer in the future.  My course degree in college which I want to take is computer science, and then, I will make online games.

My blog buddy is my 7-grader son

Bonding dinner with my son blog buddy
Photo with my son Elrond in one of our bonding moments in the family

My blog buddy is my 7-grader son

My blog buddy is my eldest son.  His name is Elrond Abram.  His two names was taken from two sources.  Elrond is an inspired character name from the movie “Lord of the Rings,” who is the king of the elves or popularly called as King Elrond.  His second name is inspired from the man of faith in the Bible,  Abram or Abraham, the father of  King David of  the great nation Israel. When my son was two or three  years old before, I said to myself, I pray that one day, I can teach my son how to write.  Now that he is a 7-grader student these days or 13 years old, I thank God that by involving him as part of the blogger-writer of this “Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog,” I knew that this will be my chance to train him to write which I supposed would lead him also to a good writer-blogger in his professional life in the coming years.  I believe writing is a skill which could be learned by writing and writing only, being considered it as an applied or practical skill to be developed for each one.  Just stay tune with this blog and you will see the first article that he will share with us,  as a  kid online game enthusiast.  Someday, my son Elrond dream is to become a You Tuber game professional at the same time, he would like to be a scientist-IT professional.  May this blogging opportunity become part of his life in achieving his dream.  I offer him and what he would become in the future to the Great and Mighty God who is the source of all knowledge, information and technology which  we wanted to share in this blog.  God bless you my son Elrond Abram!

I pray that my son will become a king of faith in achieving his dream.  Elrond, my son, your mother, your younger  brother Aragorn loves you very much.  Mabuhay and enjoy blogging as a stepping stone toward the realization of your dream.  God is good all the time!