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Skills, Experiences and Vision for 2050 as a Professional and Young Leader

Picture of Elmer Esplana
Picture of Elmer Esplana


Skills, Experiences and Vision for 2050 as a Professional and Young Leader   

November 30, 2016


“The change we can expect from this country (Philippines) is dependent on the sacrifices and contributions of each one and our people, particularly, our leaders.”  -ERE, CPR Diamond Model, September 2008


Mr. Esplana Rioflorido Esplana or simply “Elmer”  is a total packaged  Filipino holistic, dynamic, pro-active and responsive economist, blogger, writer, poet, resource speaker, business and economics interdisciplinary researcher, supply chain and project management, marketing, training and development professional.

He is good in the following: analyzing information/data and in researching things; blogging/writing things; solving problems; facilitating change through technology/processes innovation; managing/organizing things; networking with industry clients, including local government units and non-governmental associations; negotiating; resource speaker engagement/subject matter teaching from his core area of interdisciplinary expertise. He is also good in interviewing people; good in setting-up system as part of innovation; and good at talking and discussing new ideas and advocacies with people.

He has more than five-year experience in project management (project coordinator), particularly in the implementation of Japan 2KR LOM Project (Japanese foreign-assisted project)  in the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Bureau of Animal Industry (2011-present), and had the experience in business development like establishing family business in the past (2006-2010) where he served as the general manager (part-time capacity);  and team leading activities that he handled in the government service or as a private practitioner development professional.  Also, he had an exposure in multi-country foreign-related work activities, when he visited the following countries: Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia for his participation as a member of the delegation of the Philippines for the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) from 2011 to 2012 – the 9th and 10th Natural Resources and Development Cluster Meeting in April 11-14, 2011, held in Brunei Darussalam and May 14-17, 2012 held in Balikpapan City, Indonesia, respectively. He also participated in the 1st BIMP-EAGA Agribusiness Cluster Meeting in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan in June 18-20, 2013.

In a short stint, he worked as a consultant in the MADECOR Group as value-chain specialist for three months from February 25 to May 25, 2013, on a part-time capacity.

Other experiences that passes through in his life during his formative years as a new professional and professional student from 1994 to 1998 include the following: Computer Instructor from January 10, 1998 to May 31, 1998 for World Citi College, Aurora Blvd., Quezon City;  Research Assistant, from April 16, 1997 to December 31, 1997 for the DA-ACIAR Economic Evaluation Project (an Australian-funded research project), Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City;  Data Encoder from July 1, 1996 to March 01, 1997 for the Human Resource Development Service, Department of Labor and Employment, Intramuros, Manila; Summer Job (Public Employment Service Office Program) from April 4, 1996 to May 1, 1996 for the Institute for Labor Studies, Department of Labor and Employment, Intramuros, Manila; Computer Operator/Encoder from August 1, 1993 to April 1, 1994 for the Consolidated Foods Corporation, Pasig City.

In terms of civil society organization participation: he was a member of the following professional organizations: the Asia Pacific Network of International Forum on Social Science and Health (APNET), the Philippines Economic Society, the Philippine Statistical Association, the Philippine Agricultural Journalist, the Philippine Health Social Science Association, to name some.

He is currently the focal person of the advocacy group, the Philippines 2050 Movement, an online group which advocate inclusive growth & development, the making of Filipinos great in agriculture and arts, communications and information technology, tourism, agri-tourism, science and technology innovations, and development of value-added support services in industries, and collectively contributing individually as a professional and a young Filipino leader for the Philippines, towards a developed country by 2050 or the Philippines Vision 2050.

He was able to participate in the Exchange Program and Benchmarking visit to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and its offices such as Economics Research Service (ERS), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), US-National Pork Producers Council and Swine Producers Association on the Hog Production and Analyses, November 13-23, 2005, Washington DC and Iowa, United States of America.

He has an exposure in participating and presenting paper in two foreign conferences the “6th Asia-Pacific Social Science and Medicine Conference (APSSAM),” Kunming City, China, October 14-18, 2002 sponsored by Asia Pacific Network (APNET) of International Forum on Social Science and Health; and the “6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine (APCDM)”, Fukuoka, Japan, February 19-22, 2002.

He has the experience in managing and coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including remote teams by serving as the National Secretariat Coordinator of the National Task Force on Price and Volume Watch Committee (1999 to 2010), a participatory governance and marketing intelligence mechanism in the livestock sector in the Philippines. The sustained holding of this committee in DA-AMAS/ BAI after the rationalization in 2015 was part and parcel of his advocacy for the livestock marketing and agribusiness development, although, he longer serves as the Secretariat of this committee in DA.  Aside being an instrument of pioneering this committee, he also replicated in a regional committee in Central Luzon, the nearest region in Metro Manila which contributes as the biggest supplier of livestock and poultry products for Metro Manila market.

As part of his desires to push for the livestock marketing development in the livestock industry, he was instrumental in facilitating the development of two websites in DA such as: The Livestock Marketing in the Philippines with URL: http://livestockmarketing.da.gov.ph and Oksyon: The LOM Profiling System with URL: http://oksyon.da.gov.ph.

The social media accounts he pioneered as an advocacy page group include:  in Facebook “Agrikulturang Maunlad,” and “Philippines 2050 Movement,” Poetry Facebook page entitled “Mga Tula ng Lahing Kayumanggi,” and “PhilippineGrowth&DevelopmentAnalysis FB page. He also pioneered the “Pinoy Agritourism and Socio-economics Development Blog’ (http://pinoyonlineagri-tourismsupportblog.blogspot.com) to promote Philippine development, agribusiness, agri-tourism, and professional activities and recently the development of the Pinoy ACTS Technology Blog (https://www.pinoyactstechnology.com) to promote the greatness of Filipinos and our families to the world showcasing knowledge, information and technology (KIT) to all. He is actively participating in social media discussion and posting of information on his personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Linkedin.

He contributed  as either author/writer  or co-author to some local and international publications with the following research titles:  Strategic Agribusiness Development Plan (February and October 2009);  A Supply Chain Assessment in the Philippine Fruits Industry: Towards Sustained Profitability, Improved Productivity and Pro-active Response to the Impact of Climate Change (October 2009); Development in the Supply Chain of the Philippine Goat Industry: An Assessment (October 2007); An Analysis of the Philippine Feedmilling Industry (2004).  Description of Rabies Cases and Deaths in the Philippines: Some Program and Policy Implications (October 2002); An Assessment of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) Research in the Philippines-PN 7660, FIS/1991/030 (April 2002); An Evaluation of the Disaster Management Program of the UP Manila Ugnayan ng Pahinungud (February 2002), to name some.

He has more than 20 either news, feature article or inspirational article published in the past and had attended more than 20 training events in the past which further equipped him as an economist, researcher, project management and development professional.

As an interdisciplinary researcher and economist, he has received a Grand Prize Award in Socioeconomics Research Category during the 19th National Research Symposium in October 2007; and Third Prize Award in the same category in October 2005 from the prestigious award-giving research institution in DA, the Bureau of Agricultural Research. There are other professional/work-related  awards that he received in the past, including 15 Years in Service Loyalty Award (July 2014);  Most Valuable Participant (MVP) Award (July 2014); Bibo Kid Award (December 2013), to name some.   He has written more than 15 either socio-economics, agriculture and social science researches since 2002 to present.

As a resource person, he served as resource speaker and trainor to more than 25 speaking engagement events in the past, from 1999 to the present for both local and international events. Some of the favorite topics which he usually shared in his lectures include: Yuppies: Creating a Huge Impact on Future Professionals; Ushering the Country for a Better Future: A CPR Diamond Model of Socioeconomic and Governance Development;  CPR Diamond Model for Socio-economic and Political Development, a Framework Concepts and Application:An Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Approach to Learning/Research; The Power of Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary  Learning for the Socio-economic Development and Effective Local and National Governance in the Philippines; The Praxis of Socio-economic Impact Assessment (SEIA): An Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Approach; Statistical Analysis and Information Dissemination: Its Role in the Livestock and Poultry Industry Competitiveness; Statistical Analyses for Marketing information.   Some of the topics he presented in the past about the agriculture and livestock industry include: Honeybee Industry in the Philippines: An Industry Cluster Analysis Focusing on Institutional and Socio-economic Governance Development; Organizational Framework of Regional Task Force on Price and Volume Watch; Development in the Supply Chain of the Philippine Honey Industry: An Assessment; A Supply Chain Assessment of the Philippine Fruits Industry: Towards Profitability, Improved Productivity and Pro-active Response to the Impact of Climate Change; Goat Supply Chain Management and Agribusiness Opportunities in the Philippine Goat Industry; Supply Chain of the Philippine Hog Industry; The Philippine Feedmilling Industry: An Analysis, to name some.

As a poet, he has written more than 15 poems with themes about family, relationship, love of God, love of country, advocacy, aspirations, life, trials and vision. The different poems that he composed include: Pilipinas Kong  Mahal at Bayan Ko (The Philippines I love and My Country); Bagong Taon ng Lahing Kayumanggi (New Year of Lahing Kayumanggi); Pagmamahal sa Kapwa Tao (Loving our Fellowmen); Kapatid na Mahal (The Brother I Love); Mahal Kong Pilipinas (The Philippines I Love); Panaghoy sa Silangan (The Voice from the East); Ang Filipino Ngayon (The Filipino Today); Ang Pagmamahal na Wagas (The Pure Love); Ang Buhay:Isang Tula (Life: A Poem); Pilipinas, Ang Mamatay ng Dahil sa Iyo (Philippines, I will die for you); Ang Panahon ng Bagyo (The Time of Storm); and Ilaban Natin (Let’s Fight for it).

He is married to Arlene Tumang Garcia-Esplana from Floridablanca, Pampanga, currently working in the Western Pacific Regional Office of the World Health Organization of the United Nations where he has two children namely Elrond Abram, a 7-grader and Aragorn Enoch, grade 2 who are both studying in the Philippines Christian University (Union High School of Manila and Union Elementary School).



Elmer and Arlene Garcia Esplana
Elmer and Arlene Garcia Esplana
Elmer Esplana with wife Arlene and sons Elrond and Aragorn
Elmer Esplana with wife Arlene and sons Elrond and Aragorn

My experiences as online game player

My experiences as online game player

By Elrond Abram G. Esplana, 7th year grader student, Philippine Christian University-Union High School of Manila (PCU-UHSM)

Elrond Esplana picture
My son Elrond Esplana’s picture


As an online game player, I am playing Minecraft, Roblox, Five Night’s at Freddy, and many more. I am playing online games because I want to become a professional online gamer and You Tuber like DanTDM, Srampylonghead, Iballisticsquid, Ashdub, and more celebrity You  Tubers.   I really love to play games since I started  playing games in 2010, when I was 7 years old during that time.  I played computer games initially with the stand alone computer game technology which I used to play using my father’s old computer, desktop Windows XP.

When I play games, I learned many things such as:  1) learning to understand and speak in English; 2) knowing other game players in different countries, including  my fellow Filipino game players, schoolmates, and classmates;  3) learning to make strategy, be alert to remain alive in the game, 4) developing the skills in finger dexterity to win the games; and 5) other learning experiences I gained from one online game type to another.

Almost every day, I played games at least two hours or if I have time and I am not doing anything.  I use Smart Phone, Tablet, and Computer in playing games. Now that I can make online blogs, I write article and stories about my experiences in playing online games.  This makes me happy and gives me the positive feeling and confident to myself.

My inspiration in playing online games is anyone who  I loved and awesome,  like my parents and brother.   I’m inspired to be a good online game player because i want to dedicate them to  my parents and my brother who are awesome and good people.  Now that I am grade 7 student,  I want to see myself in the next five to ten years from now that I already graduate in  college.  I want to be a successful person like a programmer or a software engineer in the future.  My course degree in college which I want to take is computer science, and then, I will make online games.